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Top 7 Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala is known to be the abode of nature, a place where nature and man both exist in harmony. Other than backwater rides and hill station stay, there are many more thing that you can do as a part of Kerala Tours packages from Bangalore. Kerala offers distinctive culture and picturesque scenery, which is a contrast to the cities and fast-paced world. It is the perfect destination for rejuvenating in the lap of Mother Nature. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, here is the list of must do things, without which your stay will be of no use. 1.Get Ayurvedic treatment Also known for its Ayurveda, you cannot miss this golden opportunity during your visit to Kerala. There are many Ayurveda resort all over the state that is offering various types of natural treatment which is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You can take ayurvedic massage after the natural remedy for all your health-related problems. 2.Watch Kathakali Kathakali is one of the most ancient traditional dance forms of India.…